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Everyone is looking for someone special to be like…or to be someone special. I believe we need to revel in our ordinariness. Regular folks, like us, have much to, and have contributed to our culture and society at large. If it wasn’t for us ordinary folk, then special would be ordinary. The word special is overused today. People’s egos, pride if you will, want to be stroked. So being special is the way to boost someone’s morale (or if you want to get down to the core of it, their victimization, etc). Oh, I know that isn’t political correct (or socially). I believe that most of us “common folk” are not politically correct or even up on all the latest cutting edge cultural nuances that seem to identify our times in the minds of the media, Hollywood and those who spend their time thinking that the world revolves around them. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word special as; “distinguished by some unusual quality; especially: being in some way superior.” In contrast to “common,” Here is how The American Heritage Dictionary defines “common.”

  • Of no exceptional ability, degree, or quality; average.
  • Of inferior quality; second-rate.

Of course that definition doesn’t define us as to  who we are. We are defined by special creation, the image bearers of God, individuals whom have the love of God singularly…which separates us from all other individuals, and then His love for all humanity.

It’s us “ordinarians” (yes I just made up that word) which makes others special. I think a great big Thank You from them is in order, don’t you?

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