Spurgeon, beards, and cigars


I’ve been asked why I now am sporting a beard. Here is a quote from the most quoted preacher around, Charles Spurgeon – The Prince of Preachers “Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly, and beneficial.” In case you didn’t know he had a beard and smoked cigars…no I’m not going to start smoking cigars…hahaImage

A Biblical Worldview Vs. A Biblical Ethic


Having a biblical worldview and practicing biblical ethics are two different things which we are seeing by the two Supreme Court cases in the last two days. These cases don’t speak for the masses of people in our society that doesn’t accept or believe that Homosexual practices are acceptable morally…shouts that we do not practice what we preach!

These cases are a result of our (California) elected officials not upholding the will of the people, and from the President to the Attorney General not upholding the will of the congress because of their own personal belief and acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle.

Those of us who believe opposite as our elected officials believe must understand that our beliefs, no matter how biblical it is, don’t translate into a working moral ethic without it being imparted to the next generations of children and believer of Jesus Christ.

Our lack of practice is a recipe for producing weak Christian children without knowledge or conviction, who mindlessly obey when challenged with sin and corruption. We as adults must produce children who have or retain strong Christian convictions. If they do have Christian knowledge and belief, they do not have sufficient courage or motivation to act upon it or defend it. They sell it out on demand, perhaps mindlessly.

It’s up to us to be the “salt” of our society!