Modesty, Insurance for Purity

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Moms and Dads with daughters (and sons), let them know that “modesty isn’t about hiding your body, it’s about revealing and preserving dignity.”
Because of our brokenness due to sin, it’s necessary that we cover our bodies as taught in Genesis 4: 20-22. Why so that we may reveal our person (who we really are) with dignity and humility. Because of the nature of sin, when we walk around dressed immodest, this damages our reputation. People pay attention mostly to what is showing and not the person who is standing in front of them.
This speaks to one of our greatest broken desires – to be seen, have recognition, and significance. Not to be superficially seen, but to be seen, known and valued deeply when mostly unmet, because we are broken from the Fall, unfortunately, relies on the outside rather than what’s in the heart.
The body should not be covered up because it is ugly, or because our nakedness is something to be ashamed of, no. We cover our bodies, we veil ourselves with clothing, to preserve the mystery of our human person that is only meant to be revealed in the context of a relationship that reflects the original relationship between God and humanity.

Returning to Genesis 3 the Pulpit Commentary says about Adam and Eves nakedness; “Adam’s absence was a clear proof that something was wrong. Hitherto he had always welcomed the Divine approach. And said unto him, Where art thou? Not as if ignorant of Adam’s hiding-place but to bring him to confession (cf. ch. 4:9). And I was afraid, because I was naked. Attributing his fear to the wrong cause—the voice of God or his insufficient clothing; a sign of special obduracy (stubbon), (Calvin), which, however, admits of a psychological explanation, viz., that “his consciousness of the effects of sin was keener than his sense of the sin itself” (Keil), “although all that he says is purely involuntary self-accusation” (Delitzsch), and “the first instance of that mingling and confusion of sin and punishment which is the peculiar characteristic of our redemption-needing humanity” (Lange). And I hid myself.”Spence-Jones, H. D. M. (Ed.). (1909). Genesis (p. 64). London; New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company.

The Scriptures teaches us that women especially are a great treasure and mystery. Great mysteries are meant to be revealed, within the appropriate context. There is nothing mysterious about wearing immodest clothes, in other words, there is nothing left to the imagination. In fact when a man looks at a woman wearing very few or skin tight clothes, they see more of our body and less of us.
Dressing modestly protects dignity and allows the person to be seen honoring and evoking respect our girls as daughters of God.

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