Be Real

If you’re like me, you’ll remember our school days where we learn that the cool kids table is occupied by those who have a nearly perfect life. They don’t seem to be vulnerable, always gets the breaks, teachers love them…these are the cool kids. But what we don’t see from the outside is that their image of perfection and invincibility is a mirage.

When we seek to be cool, hip or whatever (archaic) word used to describe this attempt to create an image which is not truthful. So many times we are trying to set ourselves up as having their lives all put together. When we project coolness, our audience may be impressed, but what about our audience of One, Jesus? Are we inclined or even lust to have people desiring to be like you, instead of being like Jesus?

Real Verses Cool

There is a better quest than to be cool, the in-crowd, the “perfect”. The appeal of Jesus was not that he would be measured by the qualities we use to measure our image of “coolness.” By no measurement would Jesus have been considered cool. Do you ever wonder why the powerful (the in-crowd) of his day were repelled and revolted against him, with the outcast drawn to him?

Jesus wasn’t cool; he was real. He was the same in every crowd. Jesus treated everyone fairly. The life he projected was the life he lived. There was no indication of hypocrisy or division. He was real.

Realness should be our passionate pursuit; to portray ourselves truthfully in our mannerism, our online persona, in our day-to-day relational life. In this way, people will see that we don’t have it all together. We should never project a mirage of dauntlessness, perfection, but continually show the true picture of our own struggle to live out a life of faith as fallen people in a fallen world.

Realness doesn’t mean we publicize private things. Being too transparent is possible…being too real! Transparency requires etiquette, and discernment, not as some do in the name of realness, have turned their lives into a reality show. Of course, these are not those that portray themselves as perfect, without blemish. But those who think that by demonstrating their crudity somehow will give themselves a kudos with others.

In genuine realness others will see us, understand our humanness and see God’s work in the midst of our own brokenness…this should be the desire of every one of us who, regardless of it being intentional or unintentionally.

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