Is This Our Modern Culture

It took people about three days to stop talking about Miley Cyrus’ performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards. She and pop star Robin Thicke performed a raunchy song while scantily dressed Miley — to put it mildly — pushed the boundaries of her already shaky reputation.

A few days later Miley compared herself to Britney Spears and Madonna, whose own performances at the VMA’s caused similar stirs years ago. According to Miley, she and Thicke “made history.”

I’m sorry, Miley but you didn’t make history. Martin Luther King Jr. made history with his “I Have a Dream Speech.” The slaughter of innocent Christians in Syria and Egypt is history. Christ’s resurrection is history. I could go on and on, but you get my point. This raunchy performances on the VMA’s is just a blip on our moral landscape which will be forgotten tomorrow not affecting life as we know it. For that, we thank God!

The level of self-absorption from the entertainment industry is about as offensive as the raunchiness. And it’s sad. What a small, small view of the world.

If culture is setting the pace for our culture we are in trouble, but thankfully it doesn’t. Yes, it has influence…but if the entertainment industry goes away tomorrow, we will survive. 

I think that the most depressed would be sports fans.

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